What is "Who Begat You?"

The premise of Who Begat You is to teach your family who they are related to whether it be their great-grandparents or just their cousins. The game is a fully customizable product. You provide us with pictures of YOUR family members and we make the cards for you. A standard deck of cards consists of 30 people which will create a four generation game.

Here's how it works.

Each ancestor will have a matching card and color.

Three lines of information can be added on the card. This includes their name and perhaps their birth date and birthplace, it’s up to you.

The game is match based with three variations: Memory Match, Go Fish and My Favorite Ancestor. Instructions are included with each deck.

  1. Memory Match is played by laying out cards face down and turning them over two at a time until a match is made. The player with the most matches wins.

  2. Go Fish is played by dealing out all the cards and then each player in turn requesting certain cards from others to form matches. The player with the most matches wins.

  3. My Favorite Ancestor is played by removing the matching card to one of your favorite ancestors. Players in turn pick cards from one another, laying the matches down until only the favorite ancestor is left. The player with the favorite ancestor wins. The players then tell stories or share memories about the favorite ancestor.

We feel it is best to play these games as a family so teaching and story telling can occur. Jackson and Austin have been playing Who Begat You since they were four and two, respectively. They can tell you that their great-great-grandfather is Rufus and that he is married to Virginia. They each have their favorite ancestor and Lisa, their mother, tells them the stories she remembers about each one. Therefore, we know that Who Begat You is a great way to teach recognition.

Austin's favorite ancestor is Rufus.
Jackson's favorite ancestor is Mary.

We now offer a Story Companion Card that you can substitute for a standard match. These cards have room for additional text so that you can add facts, stories or memories about your relatives.

Here is an example from my own family.